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Appear TV launches transcoder

Appear TV, a global provider of next-generation head-ends for broadcast and IP television, today announced that IBC will see the launch of real-time full decode and encode transcoding functionality, including bit-rate transcoding, throughout its range of next-generation head-ends.

This IBC launch ensures full flexibility over inputs, outputs, encoding, decoding and transcoding throughout the Appear TV range of universal head-ends capable of taking any input and providing any output.

“It was clear from talking to our customers that the requirement for transcoding is accelerating in super head-ends, regional head-ends and at edge locations – this IBC launch means that Appear TV now provides the most flexible route to providing operators with this vital functionality,” said Carl-Walter Holst, CEO, Appear TV. “This new transcoding functionality builds upon our NAB2011 launch of encoding and decoding, by ensuring that our head-ends truly provide the ‘anything to anything’ capabilities that deliver operators the industry leading levels of flexibility and future proofing that they need.”

Appear TV sees new customer requirements for transcoding on an almost daily-basis, examples include:

  • increasing efficiency through transporting content over the core network in HD MPEG-4, transcoding to SD MPEG-2/4 at the edge where required
  • providing total flexibility over local programme insertion
  • launching new multimedia services at the edge
  • enabling the launch of new services without the need for investment in new infrastructure or changes in architecture.

This new transcoder module, which is integrated throughout the range of Appear TV head-ends, transcodes digital video data in all common broadcast profiles from SD to HD, including MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC. The transcoder supports the transcoding of 4 SD channels or 2 HD channels, operating in Constant Bit Rate and Capped Variable Bit Rate encoder modes.