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Edgeware launches Convoy VDN

Edgeware, the technology leader in distributed video delivery, today announced Convoy VDN, the first software suite that supports the company’s Distributed Video Delivery Network (D-VDN) strategy for network operators. Edgeware’s D-VDN is a unified framework for video delivery, providing simple and highly scalable platform to deliver next generation video services with the highest Quality of Experience (QoE) to any screen, independent of the underlying network infrastructure. D-VDN connects the cloud and the subscriber, allowing operators to monetize this connection.

As part of Edgeware’s D-VDN, the new Convoy VDN makes it simple for operators to implement advanced video services to subscribers, ensuring the highest possible QoE, while providing integrated wholesale CDN video delivery and management capabilities. This is possible by offering QoE as a differentiated service back to the content provider to create new revenue generating opportunities. It is the ideal solution for operators to tap into new revenue streams that were once reserved for CDN providers. As a result, operators can reduce OPEX by up to 80 percent, achieving significantly faster ROI.

To further optimize scalability, Convoy VDN integrates core functions, such as request routing, content gateway and reporting, with highly distributed Edgeware video server based asset propagation, statistics management and pre-processing. This dramatically reduces the complexity, overhead and cost of both retail and wholesale video delivery for operators.

“Edgeware’s unique focus is on providing solutions for operators to monetize video delivery,” said Joachim Roos, CEO of Edgeware. “By leveraging Edgeware’s extensive experience in deploying some of the world’s largest operator-based video distribution systems, our customers can offer additional highly scalable services, such as nPVR using just live streams. Providing reporting to a content provider, they can show details not only about sessions and bandwidth usage, but more crucially, valuable information about the quality of the video being viewed in any session.”

In addition, Edgeware is announcing the Orbit 3020 platform, currently available to selected customers. It is designed with the ability to operate simultaneously in both managed and unmanaged network topologies. The Orbit 3020 provides a highly flexible platform combining the hardware acceleration capabilities of the current Edgeware Orbit and WTV servers with additional processor capabilities to support advanced functionality for management, reporting and video based services.