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Exterity Accelerates Graphics Performance of AvediaPlayer Receivers

Exterity today announces the launch of Version 3 of its AvediaPlayer Receiver range. The receivers provide businesses with an easy and effective solution to connect a TV or AV display to a Local Area Network (LAN) for live and on-demand access to TV and video streams. All three receivers in the range have been updated to offer an improved user interface (UI), advanced graphic capabilities and enhanced security and control features.

Version 3 boosts viewer interaction with a new user friendly and intuitive UI. Organisations can fully customize the UI using the new CSS driven architecture: changing the color scheme, menu layouts and adding images in line with branding are all possible. The new UI also ships with French, German and English language packs as standard, allowing viewers to select what language appears on their screens. The flexible core of AvediaPlayer Version 3 allows System Integrators to create additional language packs to support customers in any language they need. Graphics can also be permanently overlaid on the screen, allowing companies to keep a logo or a rolling newsfeed on the screen at all times, improving branding and giving users additional information - ideal for hotels, stadiums and other hospitality environments.

Improved graphic acceleration enables transitions, including graphics that move, fade and stretch. This is perfect for creating more engaging digital signage, integrating with 3rd party middleware or supporting organizations that wish to create their own UI. Technology integration with 3rd party middleware and digital signage ensures enterprises can use any industry standard technologies as part of their visual communications strategy. Digital signage specialist Cilutions, one of Exterity's growing community of technology partners, is now able to offer its signage application on the AvediaPlayer Receivers. Sitting alongside Exterity's own firmware, this integration has been made possible using the new accelerated graphics functionality of Version 3.

"AvediaPlayer V3 will offer all types of businesses, from hotels to corporations, the chance to develop more engaging digital signage and offer a branded TV viewing experience," said Colin Farquhar, CEO at Exterity. "We're also delighted that our new graphic acceleration functionality has allowed us to include a digital signage application on the receiver for the first time. Working with Cilutions gives systems integrators new options when adopting hybrid IPTV/ digital signage systems, to really deliver what end-customers want."

The new AvediaPlayer Receivers also support CEC technology, allowing administrators to control the TV standby function using the HDMI cable. This new feature allows large facilities, such as shopping malls and sporting stadiums, to turn on and off all their TV displays from any networked computer or handheld device using AvediaServer Director.