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Exterity enhances its AvediaStream e2110 SD Encoder

Exterity announces a significant new feature release for its AvediaStream e2110 SD encoder. With over 3,500 installations globally, this new release brings a wide range of enhancements that will benefit both existing and new deployments of the AvediaStream e2110.

The e2110 takes analogue sources and encodes them to digital video for transmission over the IP network. With support for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 encoding, the e2110 facilitates greater flexibility for organisations looking to integrate video solutions into their communications strategy. Key feature enhancements to the AvediaStream e2110 include:

  • Component video support: superior encoding with support for Component video in addition to Composite, S-Video and RGBS. This greatly improves the video quality and adds a wider flexibility to support AV sources such as cameras and digital signage systems
  • AES encryption: secure end-to-end encryption ensures safe transmission of video and audio across the network, allowing confidential content to be protected. This is a particularly useful addition for the banking and medical industries that may need to protect their communications for regulatory reasons or for patient confidentiality
  • Telnet Control Interface (TCI): allowing integration into environments where automated control of the encoder is required. For example, administrators can change the encoder state to stop/start streaming automatically
  • Closed captioning: capture of closed-caption information from NTSC video signals for insertion into the encoded MPEG stream, allowing use of subtitles to enhance user experience and meet legal requirements

“To meet with growing customer demands, Exterity has continued to innovate and enhance its product range to ensure that users are receiving the highest quality viewing experience,” says Colin Farquhar, CEO, Exterity. “The update to the e2110 not only enhances the range of available video inputs, but it also allows greater control and flexibility. This latest release is part of Exterity’s ongoing commitment to ensure the best possible solutions and to ensure the most advanced features are available to our customers.”

Exterity Building IPTV helps organisations use their existing building, campus, or wide-area IP network to harness the power of TV and video for success. AV over IP enables the same network that furnishes access to business applications (email, internet or IP phone services) to also supply an unlimited number of users with TV from all over the world, executive and training presentations, video on-demand, and digital signage. It enables organisations to utilise existing TVs, AV displays and even personal computers for TV and video delivery while supporting digital switchover and ever-higher picture quality and resolution.