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Exterity releases new AvediaStream E26XX AND E36XX Encoder ranges

Exterity today announces the launch of an addition to its AvediaStream encoder family, the multi-codec e26xx and e36xx ranges, which are ideal for live streaming to mobile devices and digital signage integration.

The new mid-range encoders will enable Techex customers to stream video for a greater variety of uses and end user viewing platforms. Video can be streamed to computer desktops, TVs and digital signage systems using the IP network as well as over Wi-Fi and mobile networks to mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, using the Wowza Media Server. Wowza Media Server 3 is powerful multi-threaded software that delivers up to 10Gbps per-server video streaming performance for on-demand and live streaming.

The AvediaStream modules support both MPEG 2 and H.264 encoding up to HD resolutions and accept a wide range of SD, HD and PC video inputs. This allows greater flexibility, reduces space requirements in the server rooms and eliminates compatibility issues; together allowing businesses to better invest in a future-proof IPTV system. The mid-range encoders are also ideal for distributing content for digital signage, providing a cost-effective option for delivering content into locations such as hotel common areas or across transport hubs.

“We’re always trying to deliver our customers with a solution that’s more than IPTV,” said Colin Farquhar, CEO at Exterity. “By integrating the Wowza Media Server, a market leading solution for streaming video over Wi-Fi, with our new e26xx and e36xx encoder ranges we’ve provided a way for our customers to seamlessly stream one piece of content to all digital devices, from a smartphone to a desktop, at the same time. Like our class leading AvediaStream TVgateway range, which offers the most flexibility, features and performance, the release of these new AvediaStream Encoders ensures we continue to give our customers the same standard for their expanding encoding requirements.”

Exterity’s strategic IPTV communication solutions help organisations use their existing building, campus, or wide-area IP network to harness the power of TV and video to engage staff and customers. AV over IP enables the same network that furnishes access to business applications (email, internet or IP phone services) to also supply an unlimited number of users with TV from all over the world, executive and training presentations, video on-demand, and digital signage. It enables organisations to utilise existing TVs, AV displays and even personal computers for TV and video delivery while supporting digital switchover and ever-higher picture quality and resolution.