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Haivision IBC 2012 Show Preview

KulaByte 4.0

Haivision’s live, software-based, Internet encoder/transcoder for adaptive bit rate (ABR) streaming, is now on Linux — bringing a 30 percent performance improvement, a new user interface, and a 40 percent cost reduction when deployed in cloud computing environments such as Amazon’s EC2™. KulaByte™ 4.0 uniquely matches exceptional HD quality with transport technologies designed to maximize streams delivered to the Internet. These technologies include constant bit rate (CBR), Dynamic Stream Shaping™ (DSS), and Micro-Chunking™, assuring optimal and dynamic usage of available uplink bandwidth.

Viper KB

Enables portable high quality source encoding at events, providing the power of KulaByte™ encoding within a compact appliance with touch panel operation.


Haivision’s global streaming platform, automating the power of KulaByte™ cloud transcoding and CDN connectivity for content providers so that they can simply deliver media to global audiences.


At IBC2012, Haivision is announcing its support for the MPEG-DASH standard, the industry’s consolidated approach to adaptive bit rate streaming with HTTP. Haivision will support DASH across its product line, starting with the KulaByte™ encoder/transcoder.

InStream Mobile

A very low latency video player for mobile devices, extending Haivision’s Furnace™ IP video system to deliver live, high-performance video to Apple® devices within the enterprise setting. Haivision’s InStream™ Mobile app will be available from the Apple iTunes App StoreSM in August 2012.


The hugely popular H.264 1080p60 encoder appliance, with an incredible 55 millisecond performance and AES encryption — often used in conjunction with the Furnace™ system — now receives Internet streaming capability with RTMP support. This important upgrade is available to all installed Makitos at no charge.


Haivision’s DVB to IP gateway for delivering digital broadcasts directly to IP networks without re-encoding now features direct, free-of-charge integration with the Amino set-top box. Haivision’s Torpedo/Amino integration is the lowest-cost integrated IPTV solution on the market.

Viper 1.1

A revolutionary dual HD channel recording and streaming appliance, ideal for advanced lecture capture, rich media streaming, and medical procedure review applications. With the new release, Haivision is introducing the Viper VF, a companion to the Furnace system tailored to installations where several rooms require the ability to record independently before publishing the assets to a central video-on-demand system. The Viper MAX, a stand-alone appliance, has also been enhanced, combining the power of Haivision’s acclaimed H.264 encoding technology with the integrated Furnace operating environment.