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Haivision ISE 2013 Preview

Haivision is bringing several important innovations to ISE 2013. Anchoring the company’s end-to-end solutions is the new Makito X2 HD H.264 high performance encoder. The company will also present a unique and low-cost approach to IPTV, coupling its Torpedo DVB to IP gateways with Amino set-top boxes (STBs). Noteworthy for CoolSign, a digital signage system that integrates with live IP video, is its new interface, enabling administrators to manage content segments and regions along with a new low-cost signage player. Additionally, Haivision will highlight Internet media delivery technology and a new free performance media player, along with new streaming and recording appliances.


Torpedo and Amino — Haivision has released a free video player application, InStream Amino, for the Amino STB. Without the need for re-encoding video or provisioning any management server, InStream Amino presents viewers with channels and their related guide information directly from the DVB sources — as delivered through Torpedo™ DVB to IP gateways. Torpedo supports DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, and streams up to 15 live channels, delivering digital broadcasts directly to IP networks. InStream Amino can also aggregate DVB sources from multiple Torpedo gateways.

Simple, Integrated, Low-Cost Digital Signage

CoolSign — Haivision’s scalable digital signage platform brings together rich media content and live HD video. Coupled with Haivision’s Furnace™ IP video distribution system, the solution provides a complete end-to-end infrastructure for delivering secure video to every desktop, mobile device, and digital display. The Furnace integrates live video, recorded playback channels, digital signage channels, and VOD. CoolSign™ now extends content control within an enterprise to local screen managers with its new interface, enabling casual administrators to manage content segments and regions easily.

Extreme Encoding

Makito X2 — Haivision’s next generation high-definition H.264 encoding platform with dual-channel HD encoding will make its debut at ISE 2013. The Makito™ X2 H.264 encoder delivers twice the quality or half the bandwidth of competing encoders. The Makito X2 carries on the tradition of the Makito with only 55 milliseconds of encoding latency, an extensive feature set, and the ability to deliver multiple bit rates (MBR) from each source simultaneously. The Makito X2 is available as a standalone appliance or in a rackmount enclosure, supporting up to 12 channels of HD encoding within 1RU.

Planning Your Multicast Enterprise Video Network

Today’s trend of delivering video over IP(VoIP) is rapidly changing the way enterprises manage and distribute their content. By using multicast video workflows, organizations can now fully leverage the opportunities of IP video and mitigate the challenges of this powerful new type of deployment. This presentation will focus on how to migrate from a baseband system successfully by providing an overview on how to select the right encoder, plan for an efficient network, choose an appropriate player/decoder, and take advantage of advanced applications — such as recording, VOD, and access control.

Executive Quote:

“Haivision will showcase a wide range of products and end-to-end solutions that combine high-quality, low-latency, and cost-effectiveness to create unparalleled streaming experiences within the realm of VoIP. Our latest innovations offer the most complete, integrated, and simple solutions for bringing content producers and users the simplicity and performance needed to bridge the opportunities of IPTV and digital signage with the mobile platforms of today.” — Peter Maag, chief marketing officer, Haivision