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Haivision’s InStream Mobile Delivers the Lowest Latency HD Video to Your Mobile Device

InStream Mobile is the fastest streaming player for iOS and Android, decoding full HD video without the need for intermediate streaming servers or transcoders, in under 500 milliseconds

November 26, 2013 — Today, Haivision released the latest version of InStream Mobile, bringing iPad, iPhone, and Android viewers the fastest video player for live, high definition video streaming.

Supporting end-to-end latency of less than 500 milliseconds for 1080p60 video when coupled with Haivision’s Makito X HD H.264 encoder, InStream Mobile is ideal for the most demanding enterprise applications that require live collaboration, support mission critical decisions, or rely on an in-context viewing experience. In contrast, typical mobile streaming solutions are subject to a 10 to 60 second delay.

Based on industry standards, supporting both Transport Stream multicast and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), InStream Mobile gives users access to local performance streams as well as those available on the Internet. Local multicast transport streams do not need to be transcoded, resized, or converted to HLS, allowing InStream Mobile to be instantly deployed within current enterprise workflows. InStream Mobile also supports a central channel guide file so the channel list for all users can quickly be established and changed, further easing deployment and media control.

“Haivision is focused on end-to-end performance. We made InStream Mobile freely available to the market so that power users and integrators could exercise their IP video systems towards the toughest media challenges,” said Peter Maag, CMO of Haivision. “Paired with the Makito X encoder, mobile users can enjoy the lowest latency and highest quality video with an uninterrupted viewing experience.”

Additional InStream Mobile features include:

  • Forward Error Correction (with Makito): Accommodates wireless network packet loss to minimize stream interruption.
  • TalkBack (with Makito): Allows single viewers to engage in direct conversations with personnel at remote endpoints.
  • HLS and TS stream support: Users can select from local performance streams and those from the Internet.
  • Central Channel Guide: Without the need for a streaming server or IPTV system, administrators can easily a establish channel selection file for broad user bases so viewers do not need to enter complex web or IP addresses.
  • Fast Channel Changes: Simply swipe to instantly tune to adjacent video channels with no buffering delay.
  • Multitrack Audio: Delivers multilingual content with video streams.
  • Stream Statistics: The ability to view the characteristics of video streams so that an administrator can tune the system for optimal performance.