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Packet Reconstruction Solution Maximises IP Video Transport Efficiency

Appear TV, a leading global provider of next-generation head-ends for broadcast and IP television, today announced the launch of the industry’s most advanced IP seamless switching technology across its range of head-ends.

This new switch performs seamless switching, where two independent multicast networks rings are monitored for packet loss and switched to ensure the output is the better of the two. This is enhanced with new functionality that monitors both networks simultaneously to ”reconstruct” the original data on the basis that the two networks are independent and will therefore not be subject to the same degradations, such as packet loss, at exactly the same time.

Additionally the Appear TV advanced “packet reconstruction” technique can enable operators to reduce the overhead for FEC while maintaining robust transmission QoS. This new technique is especially good news for networks suffering lengthy burst errors which are not handled efficiently by FEC but are by this new solution.

“The Appear TV seamless redundancy switch provides two major benefits to a wide variety of network operators: it makes IP network selection seamless, and by performing packet reconstruction we can significantly enhance QOS at the same time as increasing bandwidth efficiency,” said Carl Walter-Holst, CEO, Appear TV. “I’m pleased that the creativity of our engineers has developed a solution that offers the broadcast industry a true win-win for IP video transport.”

This new seamless switch technology can be utilized wherever there is an Appear TV head-end chassis with an IP interface. It is primarily aimed at core IP networks, the majority of which are designed with full redundancy, it can also be deployed by Cable, Satellite and Terrestrial operators that use IP based networks for distribution to regional and edge of network sites or for IP backhaul services.

The advanced features of Appear TV head-end modules include:

  • Central, regional & edge of network capable head-end solutions for cable, terrestrial, satellite & IP based delivery networks
  • Fully Integrated & versatile modular platform architecture allows operators to customise and scale the head-end for today and tomorrow
  • Comprehensive I/0 signal interfaces with powerful Transport Stream processing capability & multiplexing
  • High density decoding & descrambling for re distribution and service grooming
  • Higher order modulation for all carriers & high capacity IP streaming
  • Broadcast quality, high channel density multi format transcoding & encoding
  • Multiple level redundancy, hot swap functionality integrated in 1 or 4RU carrier class chassis incorporating a web- based control UI.