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Red Intercable Efficiently Distribute Content to Affiliates throughout Argentina

Appear TV, a leading global provider of next-generation head-ends for broadcast and IP television, today announced that it has supplied head-ends to Red Intercable, a leading video service provider and content aggregator servicing more than 200 cable operators in Argentina, reaching over 500 towns and cities. These solutions enable the operator to distribute its programming to affiliate cable operators throughout Argentina. The Appear TV supplied head-ends are live at 38 sites, the rollout will continue throughout 2012/3 and it is envisaged that Red Intercable will use Appear TV head-ends to reach over 200 operators.

Appear TV has provided head-ends in 4RU chassis’ that handle inputs which originate from an IP network and are received either as DVB-S/S2 satellite feeds or via wired IP circuits. The affiliates then add local content where relevant and distribute a TV service over 16 or 256 QAM carriers on DVB-C based networks. The head-ends are installed by Appear TV’s business partner Audio Video Sistemas and are branded “Dibox” by Red Intercable. The Dibox additionally handles descrambling/scrambling highly efficiently using Appear TV designed modules in the Dibox chassis.

“It’s at the core of the Appear TV design philosophy that its head ends provide maximum flexibility and functionality, which I think we’ve really pushed to the limit in this project,” says Fabián Di Cicco, General Manager & Project Leader, Red Intercable. “The very nature of providing content to around 200 affiliates in over 500 towns and cities with the content groomed for each operator’s individual technical requirements is a real challenge. The Dibox head-ends that Appear TV has produced for us ensure that our affiliates get the content they need and enable us to manage this complex architecture efficiently and cost-effectively. I look forward to Appear TV and Audio Video Sistemas providing us with additional Dibox solutions throughout 2012 and 2013.”

The Appear TV supplied Dibox head-end provides extra redundancy through dual power supplies and hot-swappable fans. In current configuration, the head-ends have a number of free slots, when required it is straightforward for the boxes to be upgraded by inserting extra modules; for instance if more QAM frequencies are required as the content service is enhanced.

“Our head-ends are just perfect for the Red Intercable project,” said Carl Walter-Holst, CEO, Appear TV. “The flexibility and robustness are key in enabling RED Intercable to provide its 200 or so customers with access to great content the way that they need it. I’m looking forward to providing more head-ends throughout 2012/13 and I’m excited to see how the operator may use our flexibility to provide its affiliates with new and exciting content moving forward.”