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Sencore IBC 2012 Preview

Sencore is an engineering leader in the development of reliable, cost-effective signal transmission and content monitoring solutions for the broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV markets. Backed by world-class customer service and support, Sencore’s portfolio includes signal processing products, system monitoring and analysis solutions, and test and measurement equipment. Designed to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry — including IP-based video delivery and OTT applications — Sencore solutions ensure the efficient delivery of high-quality video from the source to the home.

Sencore is expanding its popular family of receiver/decoder products. Making their European debut at IBC2012 will be the MRD 5800, a new receiver/decoder optimized for today’s demanding contribution environment, as well as the MRD 4400, a cost-effective SD decoder that can be upgraded to HD via a software license. These new solutions complement our popular MRD 3187B receiver/decoder, which can be flexibly tailored to suit any distribution environment.

MRD 5800 Receiver/Decoder

Sencore's new MRD 5800 receiver/decoder will make its European debut at IBC2012. The product decodes any of the high-quality video feeds required in today’s demanding contribution environment, including 4:2:2 H.264 or MPEG-2 video, at either 8- or 10-bit depth. The MRD 5800 will also decode and output full HD 1080p60 video as 3G-SDI, giving an operator confidence that their system will be future-proof. The MRD 5800 also offers up to eight PIDs of audio decoding to deal with the multichannel, multilanguage environment of live event coverage.

MRD 3187B Receiver/Decoder

For applications where maximum flexibility is required, Sencore’s MRD 3187B receiver/decoder continues to provide an ideal solution that can be tailored to almost any distribution environment. The product features a new IP output card that supports PID and service filtering features — ideal for IP turnaround applications. Additional important features include a DVB-T terrestrial front-end for monitoring off-air signals, DVB-Common Interface for conditional access, multiservice descrambling, and advanced DVB-S2 capabilities, such as 16/32 ASPK demodulation and multistream/VCM support. The MRD 3187B continues to set the standard for performance, scalable functionality, and ease of use.

MRD 4400 Receiver/Decoder

New for IBC2012 is Sencore's MRD 4400 receiver/decoder. The 4400 is a cost-effective SD decoder capable of being upgraded to HD via a software license. It supports decoding for either MPEG-2 or H.264, along with up to four audio services. The increased audio handling capability allows distributors to meet descriptive video requirements, while continuing to support surround or alternate language services. The MRD 4400 supports satellite, ASI, and IP inputs. The system also allows operators to demodulate, de-encapsulate, encapsulate, and decode simultaneously for local processing and re-encode requirements.

TXS 3600 Transcoder

The TXS line of MPEG-2/4 transcoders delivers a flexible, high-density, high-quality package providing multiple channels of transcoding or transrating in a 1-RU chassis. The TXS 3600 transcodes video services from an MPEG transport stream to or from MPEG-2 or H.264 and can convert from HD to SD format. The transcoder also supports audio format conversion between common formats, including Dolby® Digital and Digital Plus, MPEG-2, HE-AAC, AAC-LC, and linear PCM.


An extensive selection from Sencore's VideoBRIDGE product line will be on display at IBC2012. This includes new OTT adaptive stream monitoring enhancements to select VideoBRIDGE probes and software, helping operators ensure desired QoS from the point of origination, through the delivery network, and onto the customer-premise end-viewing devices.

SMD 989 DVB-S/S2 Modulator

The SMD 989 DVB-S/S2 modulator offers unprecedented efficiency, flexibility, and reliability for all types of satellite digital video delivery applications. The modulator’s intuitive user and remote interfaces ensure fast setup and effortless system integration, including both standard ASI and IP inputs. A rich mix of built-in and optional features ensures the operator has the needed functionality and ability to access advanced modes when required. The SMD 989 platform supports 6-input VCM multistream without the need for external stream “aggregators,” and offers advanced S2 modes such as 8PSK, 16APSK, and 32APSK that optimize transponder use and minimize operating expense.

“We are pleased to be offering the European broadcast market several new modular receiver/decoder solutions at IBC2012, including our new MRD 5800 and 4400 models featuring full 1080p60 decode and output capabilities,” said Joe Sucharda, vice president of marketing, Sencore. “Sencore’s cost-effective video delivery and signal monitoring products allow broadcasters to deliver high-quality, error-free content to consumers across today's multiformat, multiplatform environments.”