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T-VIPS and ProTelevision’s DVB-T2-Lite Solution Debuts at IBC2011

T-VIPS, a global leader in professional video contribution and distribution solutions, and ProTelevision, a leading supplier of the modulators, repeaters and transceivers that are at the heart of tomorrow’s terrestrial TV and telco video networks, today announced that they have worked together to develop a joint DVB-T2-Lite transmission solution, which will be demonstrated live on the ProTelevision IBC stand (8.C48). The companies also announced today that the solution will power a trial for the Danish operator, Open Channel, which will go live post-IBC. The solution has been designed to enable operators to deploy DVB-T2-Lite for the distribution of video and audio content to mobile devices.

“I’m very excited to be working with ProTelevision to drive forward the new DVB-T2-Lite profile for the broadcast of mobile radio and video content to mobile CE devices,” said Janne T. Morstøl, COO, T-VIPS. “For the operator it’s important that DVB-T2-Lite is a subset of the DVB-T2 standard as it means that flexible DVB-T2 solutions such as the T-VIPS CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway and the ProTelevision DVB-T2 modulator can be upgraded for the deployment of DVB-T2-Lite, minimizing the cost of launching new mobile content services.”

DVB-T2-Lite was ratified by the DVB in July 2011. As a profile optimised for the distribution of video and radio content to mobile devices, it is better suited for viewing video and listening to radio on mobile devices as it is more robust, it requires less transmitter power and it maximizes the device battery life.

“We look forward to the successful conclusion of the Open Channel radio trial and expect that DVB-T2-Lite services will become an important part of terrestrial operators’ efforts to ensure greater customer engagement, retain and win customers and launch new revenue generating services,” said Morten Simonsen, CEO, ProTelevision. “There have been a number of technical issues, such as high-power usage at the receiving device, that have seriously hampered the uptake of mobile radio and video services. The IBC demo and the Open Channel radio trial in Denmark will show that these technical issues are now solved and I look forward to playing a major part in DVB-T2- Lite’s exciting future.”

The key advantages of DVB-T2- Lite include:

  • Powerful error correction allows simplified chip architecture thereby reducing mobile device costs and maximizing CE device battery life
  • The DVB-T2-Lite modulation parameters are set to increase robustness, thereby promising better reception in moving vehicles
  • By deploying DVB-T2-Lite with multiple physical layer pipes (PLP), channels can be grouped in a PLP, so that only the required PLP is decoded – leading to a very large saving in device battery life
  • For radio services, studies show that DBT-T2-Lite has a 2.5 – 4 times increase in capacity over DAB/DAB+, requiring a lower powered signal and enabling a higher number of channels to be transmitted.
  • On August 30th Open Channel was awarded a license to commence a DVB-T2-Lite trial on VHF Channel 9D in the Greater Copenhagen region. The 1.7 MHz trial will include a large number of radio services. Discussing the advantages of DVB-T2-Lite over DAB/DAB+, Kenneth Wenzel, CEO, Open Channel, said: “As far as we’re concerned there are some fundamental advantages of DVB-T2 Lite over DAB, which means that the future of digital radio will be based upon DVB-T2 Lite. Using this profile saves battery life at the receiver, enables the transmission of many more channels, provides increased robustness, and can easily be retro-fitted to the existing DVB-T2 infrastructure. I look forward to ProTelevision and T-VIPS working together to make our Copenhagen trial a great success.”