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NAB Launch of T-VIPS TVG425

T-VIPS, a global leader in professional video contribution and distribution solutions, today announced that it is to launch the TVG425 Transport Stream Gateway at NAB (Las Vegas Convention Centre, SU7807, April 11-14). This new product, which is based on an entirely new and advanced technology platform, has been developed in answer to high-level customer demand. The TVG425 is the newest member of the T-VIPS Video Gateway suite of compact, powerful and cost-effective products that are designed for the real-time contribution and distribution of video over IP networks.

The TVG425 is the result of long pioneering experience in video over IP solutions. The product has been designed for applications including professional broadcast contribution, distribution and live event coverage. Broadcasters, network operators and other video professionals will typically deploy the TVG425 for:

  • Contribution and distribution of MPEG-2 transport streams
  • Transport Stream interface adaptation (ASI, IP, SONET/SDH)
  • IP-to-IP applications, such as multicast to unicast conversion and smallcasting, a critical feature for network operators who need to combine multicast and unicast IP connectivity
  • Redundancy – output diversity on ASI and IP, as well as automatic input switching between redundant Transport Stream sources.

“As IP becomes pervasive throughout the professional video world, it’s more important than ever to provide products like the TVG425 Transport Stream Gateway that combine IP and video expertise to ensure that IP transport delivers the highest possible quality and answers the need for innovative workflows and improved business practices for broadcasters and video professionals,” said Johnny Dolvik, CEO, T-VIPS.

“A major reason for the success of the T-VIPS Video Gateway line is that our design philosophy takes a video-centric approach to IP video transport. As the industry moves increasingly to architectures based on islands of video expertise in a sea of IP, we find that customers increasingly need IP solutions, such as the TVG425, that are optimized for professional video transport,” concluded Dolvik.