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T-VIPS launch nSure for uninterrupted video delivery

T-VIPS, a global leader in professional video contribution and distribution solutions, today announced that it is extending its product lines to introduce a specialised portfolio for transport stream monitoring and switching. The new product portfolio will be known as the nSure range.

Following this new, specialised product line expansion, the T-VIPS product ranges are as follows:

  • cProcessor: solutions for the processing, modification, adaptation and remultiplexing of transport streams
  • nSure: a range of products that monitor, analyse and switch transport streams
  • Video Gateways: for the compression and transport of high-quality video, primarily over IP networks
  • tManage: software tools for network and connection management

“The launch of the nSure range of solutions makes it simpler for customers to understand our targeted offerings in the video transport domain,” said Janne T. Morstøl, COO, T-VIPS. “By focusing our transport stream portfolios on processing and remultiplexing, with the cProcessor line, and monitoring and switching in the nSure range, we provide the whole industry with specialised products designed to make complex video network operations – simple! I look forward to the nSure product range becoming just as well known as our cProcessor line and expect both to generate high levels of interest at NAB2011.”

The two product lines will now develop in two directions:

  • The cProcessor toolbox of products that allow network operators and broadcasters to create, modify and adapt Transport Streams to suit their own requirements and operational needs
  • The new nSure product range that simplifies the monitoring, analysis and switching of transport streams and services throughout video broadcast networks
nSure product range

T-VIPS nSure products are designed to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of high-quality video content and simplify the day-to-day operations required by increasingly complex video broadcast infrastructures.

T-VIPS’ standards-based nSure products are widely used by satellite, IPTV, and terrestrial network operators for efficient monitoring and switching of Transport Streams. These solutions support improved Quality of Service, positively impacting Service Level Agreement metrics by delivering functions designed for fast error detection, diagnostics and intelligent switching to replace defective signals. nSure products enable:

  • Flexible interfacing with support for IP/Ethernet, SONET/SDH, DVB-ASI, or SMPTE-310 networks
  • 24/7, continuous monitoring of transport streams, services and components (remote or centralised)
  • Simultaneous, in-depth analysis of transport streams, services, PIDs and DVB PSI/SI and ATSC PSIP tables
  • Uninterrupted video by utilising 1 +1 redundancy switch-over between two MPEG-2 transport streams
  • Seamless SFN and DVB-T2 redundancy switching to avoid service outages
  • Automatic and user-defined alarm and error handling
  • Stand alone operation or easy integration with NMS