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ZiXi Wins Broadcast Engineering’s Pick Award

ZiXi, the leading enabler of broadcast-quality HDTV globally over the cloud, was awarded Broadcast Engineering’s Pick Hit Award. The award recognizes ZiXi’s software solution, which enables broadcasters around the globe to transmit flawless video in Full HD to multiple, end-to-end locations globally over the Internet, as one of the most innovative technologies demonstrated at the 2011 NAB Show. With a long history, Pick Hits are the most prestigious technical awards given at NAB. For three days, a panel of independent judges, made up of working professionals in the broadcast, post and network and satellite industries, toured the show floor and selected award winners based on several criteria, including the technical and financial improvements a product can bring to a facility’s operation.

“I am honored that ZiXi has been chosen for this prestigious award,” said Israel Drori, CEO and founder of ZiXi. “We are pleased to have leading broadcast customers like Thomson Reuters, Ohio News Network, and RRsat use our solution to serve hundreds of continuous 24/7 HD and SD video feeds around the globe. Our multimedia transport technology takes transmitting broadcast-quality video content over the public Internet to a new level while still utilizing existing IP network infrastructure and causing zero disruptions to work flow; something that has yet to be done in this industry. It is incredibly meaningful to have leaders in the field recognize and award the innovative breakthroughs of our technology with an industry accolade that resonates across our customer base.”

ZiXi enables a limitless spectrum of broadcast applications for content contribution, distribution, play-out services, news gathering and live and on-demand multimedia delivery. ZiXi transmits securely and flawlessly while enabling networks to extend their reach and flexibly at anytime from anywhere, by bringing video signals to the headend inception points of any distributor. Broadcasters across the globe are increasingly relying on ZiXi’s technology to reduce costs by replacing expensive trunk lines and increasing revenue by offering new services.