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Traditional OTT workflows start with the content origination and the process follows a push model through every processing function through to the end user.

Just in Time delivery is a paradigm shift, where the workflow starts with an end user request for a specific stream. This request instantly creates the specific processing functions required for that device (transcoding to correct resolutions & bitrates and packaging).

This concept ensures that only requested streams are processed and there is no wastage of processing resource or bandwidth, in addition the video quality may be optimised.
This infrastructure for public, private or hybrid cloud deployment may be fully integrated into any streaming service and is effectively "stateless" when no streams are being pulled (i.e. no processing takes place). A dashboard keeps the operator informed with real time statistics.

Based on an OPEX model and utilising the lower cost "spot instances" within public cloud infrastructures, this workflow is not only a perfect solution for events work or temporary services or new services where the demand may be uncertain, but is also the most economical way of running almost any OTT service.

Delivery into this workflow is via SRT, which may be easily implemented and controlled with Techex's MWEdge gateways.
Typical use cases:
  • Time shifted channels
  • "Pop-up" channels
  • 24hr streaming services
  • Events based services
  • Services which require very fast set up

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