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Healthcare content continues to proliferate on the Internet. E-health solutions offer long-term benefits as they provide an advanced and secure healthcare environment, strip away inefficient processes and streamline the secure delivery of healthcare information. By using the proper technology and tools, member/patient information, health plans can now support personalised e-health programs for their members. These programs demonstrably enhance health, reduce costs, and provide a competitive advantage. Image capturing and broadcasting equipment can play important role in e-health development. Mediphan DistanceDoc provides effective and low-cost communication between the participants and may serve as a key element in e-health system.

Active online communication is very important in e-health. It is possible to provide self-reports which are used in telemedicine to determine health status. Videoconferences allow physicians and patients communicate no matter how far from each other they are located. DistanceDoc can capture video and audio and broadcast it over the Internet. Since image quality is critical for the medical field, DistanceDoc acquires and broadcasts diagnostic-quality images at a resolution up to 1600x1200. It uses latest pre-compression technologies for acquiring and processing images from any VGA or DVI sources.

Image acquiring and broadcasting functionality opens up numerous opportunities for the e-heath participants. High-quality images transfer from diagnostic equipment and live video sessions reduce time for diagnosis and treatment through real-time consultations. DistanceDoc captures data at an extremely high quality and makes it electronically available to the right person at the right place and time. This allows the participants to better manage and control personal health outcomes. Possibility to broadcast data helps support proactive health management and enhancing disease management and wellness.