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Medical imaging has been an essential tool for better diagnosis and effective cures. It is one of the most important medical innovations. Cost effective medical devices that capture and print images contribute to successful patients diagnostics. Epiphan’s VGA Printer may become common use in 3D and doppler ultrasound imaging due to its valuable functionalities. It is capable of acquiring images from ultrasound machines with analog or digital (DVI-A) outputs and printing them on a physical or network printer. It is cheaper by half than the nearest competing solutions (for example, Sony UP-970AD medical printer that also provides both analog and digital input). You can print ultrasound picture at any location covered by your LAN.

Easy-to-use and Multi-Functional Solution

Diagnosis is pivotal in the treatment of any disease. Medical diagnostics got an impact when ultrasound machines became popular. Thanks to ultrasound imaging, more and more patient's lives are being saved. Usually a radiologist views the image on the monitor of the ultrasound machine although the hard copy of the image is often requested. Physicians review images as a part of their workflow and may not derive benefits from transitioning to soft-copy reading. As for patients, they frequently request image copies, for example, for second opinions. Easy to implement VGA Printer is applicable with all types of the ultrasound equipment that have a VGA or DVI-A output. All you have to do is connect it to the output of an ultrasound machine. Then select from a range of possibilities connecting facilities to VGA Printer outputs. You can either connect a printer via USB port or a network printer via Ethernet. You don’t need to install this external device inside your PC and no special software is required. Connecting VGA Printer is as simple as 1-2-3: just plug in necessary cables according to your needs and here you go. Start the ultrasound capture procedure and this solution will deliver the images this modality demands.

Print Images at Convenient Locations

Medical imaging has come a long way from the days of primitive imaging solutions. Now physicians can view the ultrasound images remotely. VGA Printer is capable of sending data to the network printer(s) via an Ethernet RJ-45 connector. You can install the network printer(s) anywhere – just make sure VGA Printer and the network printers are in the same LAN. The diagnostics results can be viewed by a group or groups of specialists in different locations covered by the LAN - VGA Printer will do the job. Since the ultrasound procedure is started, hard copy images will be instantly available for consultations and diagnostics. This device reduces the required amount of installation space, less than 8 inches long, providing added convenience for use and installation. Its compact design provides for easy integration with the ultrasound equipment where clear image quality is essential. Meeting the needs of the ultrasound diagnostics, VGA Printer adds a VGA port to connect a monitor in order to view obtained images. Catering to the requirements of today’s medical imagery, VGA Printer provides pixel rate up to 270 Mpixel/s for non-interlaced image capturing.

After the image capture print it or view on a large display. Connect your printers anywhere to the local network, replace them if needed – VGA Printer stays connected to the ultrasound machine and accurately sends data for printing. This device is packed with convenience and durability.