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Techex designs and delivers IPTV video links for clinical and surgical environments to replace traditional analogue directly cabled systems. We understand that the quality of images and ease of use is critical to both teaching and to multi-disciplinary teams. Audience participation and information transfer is maximised by using very low delay and high quality audio.

Traditional links used dedicated cable links of either copper or fibre optic and although meeting all the design criteria, limited the “audience” to the fixed locations imposed during install. Modern hospital networks are robust and can support high quality video and audio and with correct design allow anywhere on the network to take part in interactive two way links with clinical instructors from operating theatres or procedural rooms like ERCP or Endoscopy.

IP based systems lend themselves to recording and archiving content which can be reused or shared with other institutes for inclusion in course material. The remote viewer could be anywhere within the hospital and where bandwidths permit external at remote sites or even home.
We can design a highly specialised IP video solution that, in addition to the flexibility, scalability and high video quality of IP, provides the resilience and high reliability that was previously only achievable with dedicated point to point installs. OR to lecture theatre.

A typical IP-based solution will take feeds from:

  • Theatre lights mounted cameras
  • Remotely controllable cameras
  • Laparoscopic cameras
  • Endoscopes and gastroscopes
  • Image intensifiers and patient monitoring systems
  • Surgeon’s or Physician’s head mounted camera

We will specify encoders and decoders that meet the specific requirements of your project, a software client licensed for unlimited users with no installation required, or specialist hardware video decoders for critical monitoring display screens.