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Techex delivers solutions that make remote medical diagnosis possible. We are able to provide remote telemetry of ECG, EEG, electronic stethoscopes, PACS, and blood analysis with high quality pictures, sound and low end to end delay.

High definition pictures and full bandwidth sound, even in 3D, will make the remote session as near to "being there" as is possible. Our solutions are capable of providing mathematically lossless image delivery such that even the most critical analysis can be remotely performed.

Two way links, can increase patient confidence and make any session fully interactive. Sound is delivered without compromise allowing the diagnosis of conditions such as clots, lung disease and heart disease.

High quality pictures can support diagnosis for skin disease, ophthalmic conditions such as cataracts and generally give a physician clues about patient health.

Without the high cost associated with telepresence systems, nor the compromises of business orientated video conferencing technology Techex provides the technology and experience to integrate remote diagnosis installations of the future.