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The National Suborbital Education and Research Center (NSERC) recently used the Epiphan VGA2Ethernet frame grabber to help NASA pilots fly DC-8 planes.

“NASA has a DC-8 that is used for scientific research,” explains NSERC's David van Gilst. “As part of a research mission project, we needed to route a VGA signal from a piece of equipment in the back of the aircraft to the cockpit in order to allow the pilots to fly a particular course with a very tight tolerance.”

The Center used Epiphan’s VGA2Ethernet to route the VGA output from a custom piece of navigational equipment to a tablet PC in the plane’s cockpit. “Instead of figuring out how to get VGA cable routed through 150 feet of aircraft and into the cockpit of an aircraft built in the late 1960s, we used the Epiphan solution to transmit the information wirelessly.”