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As part of its services, the Sea Surveillance division of Seabrokers Group records the displays from radar and ECDIS (electronic chart display and information system) on board coast guard vessels. The company uses the full line of Epiphan VGA2USB devices in concert with a DRS (Data Recording System) to capture the images.

Roman Efanov, Technical Manager at Sea Surveillance, notes that he chose the Epiphan VGA grabbers for a number of reasons. "Epiphan frame grabbers are small and reliable USB devices, they support a wide range of resolutions, and they are easy to work with."

Other options Efanov considered were problematic because "everything else we found was a PCI-based grabber. We can't use those because we don't have enough free PCI slots." The Epiphan frame grabbers are convenient, easy-to-use external devices that do not need to be installed inside a system, and do not require any software to be downloaded to a computer.

Efanov adds that one of the many advantages of the Epiphan devices is that more than one device can be used at the same time.

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