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miniCASTER analog
miniCASTER analog
Composite and Y/C mobile hardware based H.264 encoder that connects video signals from any SD camera or video source signal to the internet via LAN, cellular or WiFi.






  • ”One-to-many” and ”one-to-one” Streaming
  • Powerful battery on board
  • Livestreaming & SD-Card recording in one device
  • SD Livestreaming out of the box
  • Management Software & Display on board
  • Web-based Repository Service
  • Total mobility through ultralight device (225 grams)
  • Wireless Streaming anytime, anywhere
  • Guarantee to work with Flash & iPhone/iPad (H.264 codec)
  • Ultra small: 2.95“ W x 4.93“ H x 1.34“ D

miniCASTER is a truly mobile hardware based H.264 live encoder that converts any camera or video source signal into an IP based livestream and delivers it via landline, WiFi, satellite or cellular networks to the leading Content Delivery Networks and video platforms. It is the perfect companion for mobile broadcasting scenarios like mobile newsgathering, emergency response, behind-the-scenes reports from major Sports events, conferences, exhibitions or simply any event you can imagine.

While encoding and delivering several streams, miniCASTER is able to record on SD-Card at the same time. Streaming settings can easily be changed via remote access and are also editable directly on the device itself. The device runs on an own on-board battery and can be operated without being plugged in for hours.

The generated H.264 codec is favored by companies such as Apple, but also many TV stations and online platforms such as Youtube. So all PC / MAC-users who watch their videos in a flash player, but also users of mobile devices like iPhone and iPad, can be reached.

miniCASTER works very efficiently and is highly recommended for use with Wowza Media Server, the unified any-screen delivery platform from Wowza Media Systems.

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