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Nothing is more important in a broadcast infrastructure than having proper and appropriate monitoring solutions, both for technical and production monitoring of video and audio.

For SMPTE-2110 systems it is not only important to understand what is happening to the video, audio and ancillary data, but also at the network packet layer as well.

The TAG Software based production multiviewer provide traditional mosaic picture views combined with audio, tally, UMD and ancillary data as well as providing analysis and fault monitoring of content and streams, which is also available in the user interface and the RESTful API for broadcast control and monitoring systems.

Technical monitoring for SMPTE-2022-6 and SMPTE-2110 can be provided with the BridgeTech VB440, providing traditional picture content monitoring, such as wave form, vector scope and colour space monitoring as well as detailed analysis of network packets and SMPTE-2110 streams. Each VB440 can support multiple sources and multiple users using their low latency, easy to use HTML5 interface.