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32x32 3G-SDI Compact Router
32x32 3G-SDI Compact Router
32x32 3G-SDI compact router with redundancy and multi- core signal processor.






  • High level of redundacy
  • 3G-SDI support
  • Multi-core video and audio processing
  • Web interface and SNMP for control and monitoring
  • Support for all Nevion control panels
  • Multiple 3rd party protocol support
  • High level of redundacy
  • High level of redundacy

Nevion’s new and innovative Sublime X2 is a router that punches above its weight!

With its management, cross point and power redundancy, it features the reliability of large modular routers. A multi-core signal processing module makes it a hybrid router. Its compact form factor makes it ideal for applications where size really matters. And its clever design, brings cost savings to its users.

The first version of the router is a 32x32 in 2RU supporting redundant power, redundant cross-point, redundant controller and a processing module. The innovative embedded multi-core signal processor of Sublime X2 offers future proofing by enabling feature upgrades through a software based processing platform. Each processing core can reach any input and/or output and supports clean switching and audio embedding/de-embedding. An optional AES port extension connected to the processing core allows for external AES connections and AES routing.

The embedded system controllers provide a powerful web interface for control, SNMP support and support for all Nevion control panels as well as control of external routers and 3rd party devices.

Sublime X2 sets new standards for electrical compact router capabilities.

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