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VideoIPath Monitor
VideoIPath Monitor
Alarm monitoring functionality for VideoIPath


IPath Monitor


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  • Overview all network elements including operational status
  • Manage alarms related to services and network elements
  • View the life-cycle of an alarm from when it is raised until it is cleared
  • Search for historic alarms in the log
  • View alarms related to services (based on correlation)

NOTE: This product is a version, a variant or a module of the main VideoIPath product. For further information about this product, visit the main product page.

VideoIPath provides alarm monitoring functionality for integrated network elements and correlation with ongoing services to identify potentially service affecting issues quickly. The system may be used on its own or integrated into another operations support system.

Status information is typically retrieved from network elements using regular polling and notification mechanisms (e.g. SNMP traps). Details concerning how status information is retrieved for a specific device is captured in the driver for the device type.

A dashboard provides a centralized overview of the operational status of all equipment in the network. The dashboard is automatically populated based on detected equipment and the user is able to customize multiple dashboards for different parts of the network (e.g. one dashboard per site).

Alarms are presented in an alarm management user interface that allows the user to manage current alarms and browse or search for historic alarms recorded in the log. Alarms are automatically correlated per service allowing the user to view alarms related to a specific service.


  • Supervision of wide-area, metro or in-campus broadcast networks
  • Rapid identification of potentially service affecting issues
  • Single point of integration with operation support systems (24/7)

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