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Virtuoso Platform
Virtuoso Platform
Next generation, modular platform for compression, high density IP/TS input switching, monitoring and adaptation




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  • 1RU Modular chassis
  • High density monitoring
  • Input Switching (SDI/IP/TS)
  • Output diversity and stream duplication
  • Media Adaptation (IP, ASI, SDI, SMPTE 2022-6 - TR03/4 - SMPTE 2110
  • Compression (JPEG2000, H.264)

Virtuoso is the latest generation of Nevion's Media Node platform providing IP adaption, compression, protection, monitoring and aggregation. The platform can be equipped with modules for compression and adaptation.

Incorporating a standards based approach, with support for VSF TR03/TR04 and future SMPTE 2110 support through software upgrades the latest generation of the software-driven platform is designed to work in media production WANs (wide area networks) and LANs (local area networks), such as broadcast contribution, metro, studio, and campus networks. The platform is capable of advanced protection mechanisms including 2022-7 and advanced stream monitoring and alarm based input switching for SDI or TS/IP .

The Virtuoso platform is comprised of modules with adaptable and upgradeable software functions. These licensed-controlled functions can be installed, activated and changed on demand, allowing the basic unit to scale up to larger or diverse requirements, there is no need to change equipment when a change of functionality is required.

The base platform is capable of IP and ASI I/O, TS/IP switching and monitoring, the more advanced media functions (e.g. encoding and decoding) require supporting hardware, known as media accelerators.

The Virtuoso platform has a well thought out and accessible web UI with graphical representations of the current system functions and easy accessing to service, module and stream statistics. There is an extensive API to allow integration with third party control systems such as BNCS or Dataminer. Virtuoso can be integrated with Nevion’s VideoIPath management and orchestration software, VideoIPath can control the functionality on the platform including service scheduling and provisioning and monitor the service fulfillment and performance.

Current Vituoso platform bundles include: NX4600 (H.264/AVC encoder, decoder and media gateway), TNS4200 (monitoring probe) and CP4400 (DTT adaptation).

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