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Virtuoso JPEG 2000 Encoding and Decoding
Virtuoso JPEG 2000 Encoding and Decoding
JPEG 2000 Media Function for Virtuoso platform, providing visually lossless compressed transport of SD and HD signals with ultra low latency


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  • Multi-channel JPEG 2000 encoding or decoding
  • Visually lossless VQ and low multi-generation loss
  • Transport of SD, HD and 3G-SDI over IP/ GigE
  • Interoperability with 3rd party through VSF TR-01
  • Very low end-to-end latency, 3-4 frames with TR01
  • Option for ultra-low latency (sub-frame)
  • Supports FEC, SIPS / SMPTE 2022-7 and Launch Delay Offset (LDO) IP protection mechanisms
  • Integrated frame synchronization on decoder
  • Built-in TS monitoring (ETSI TR 101 290 Priority 1) of encoder output and decoder input, with option for Pri 2 and Pri 3 monitoring including PCR validation

NOTE: This product is a version, a variant or a module of the main Virtuoso product line. For further information about this product, visit the main listing product page.

The Virtuoso JPEG 2000 Media Function provides visually lossless compressed transport of SD and HD signals with ultra low latency, using only 10% of the bandwidth required for uncompressed video. Nevion Virtuoso can run multiple instances of the JPEG 2000 Media Function on a single platform with built-in network aggregation to 10G Ethernet.

The JPEG 2000 Media Function requires the HBR Accelerator, which supports SD/HD/3G-SDI input, for encoding or decoding of up to four JPEG 2000 channels per Accelerator.

The VSF TR-01 compliant TS over IP encapsulation ensures perfectly synchronized transport of video, audio and ancillary data, as well as interoperability with 3rd party equipment.

The Nevion Virtuoso JPEG 2000 Media Function, combined with Nevion’s advanced protection mechanisms, enables broadcasters to utilize cost-efficient IP links for the real-time transport of professional media with low bandwidth utilization, combined with extremely high quality and availability.


  • Professional broadcast contribution
  • Live sports and event contribution
  • Studio-to-studio media exchange
  • Managed video services over IP

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