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Cruise ships represent huge investments financially and technically. Passengers expect on board factilities to equal and exceed those on shore.

Cinemas, theatres, night clubs, Movies on demand, satellite TV and educational facilities all need technical installs encompassing technology from television, digital networks and satellite broadcasters.

New ship builds can have infrastructure like CAT6 cabling or fibre optics specified and included in base build. Older ships having refits often have older coaxial cables for television and CAT2/3 for telephony.

Techex can enhance the experience for passengers by supplying IPTV and/or hybrid DVB systems that work both on new ships over fibre and CAT5/6 or reuse legacy cabling and supply Television, video on demand and on ship entertainment live from the large venues on board.

Techex can take feeds from gyro stabilised satellite dishes and through telco grade headend equipment of extremely high density and low weight distribute to all cabins and public areas of the ship.

Endpoints could be cabin digital TV or signage players feeding large screens or projectors.

Techex can also supply and support equipment for remote medical and dental support. Even legacy equipment may be suitable for telemedicine so reduce capital expenditure on refit.

Full remote diagnostic and upgrade is a feature of all Techex designs, reducing the need for downtime and ensuring that even seaborne equipment has the latest software.

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