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Techex supply tailored IP video solutions for the unique requirements of emergency services command and control rooms (C2).

The fire, police and ambulance service need high quality images to co-ordinate major incidences.

Feeds from domestic TV channels can be used from terrestrial or satellite. Techex can distribute select channels over the control rooms IP network to work stations and to media wall displays.Techex can supply video encoders for use in the field that can be relayed back via wireless to the control room.
Channels can be displayed on workstations running Windows, Mac OS or Linux.
For large screen use dedicated decoder hardware ensures maximum up time, lowest latency and uncompromised picture quality.

Paramedics remote diagnostic equipment could be output to the same wireless data network for expert consultation. Techex can supply DVI and VGA to IP conversion for unusual video outputs on equipment, with signals up to 2048 by 2048. Signals can be displayed at high refresh rates where bandwidth is not an issue, at low refresh or converted to still frames.

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