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Air traffic control is a highly specialised field of expertise with no room for error. Air traffic controllers therefore require reliable, up-to-date technology to perform their work.

“One of our most innovative products is our SkyRec video recording solution,” says Claude Levacher of SkySoft-ATM. “It’s a hardware based video recording tool that records and replays all information captured on air traffic controller (ATCO) screens. ANSP use this tool for legal recording (coupled with voice recording), training and post event analysis.”

Because space is limited in air traffic control consoles, SkyRec solutions need to be small and non-intrusive. “When we were developing SkyRec, we needed it to implement easily into existing environments and record the very specific 2k by 2k ATCO displays,” explains Levacher. “We also needed it to make high quality recordings and use our own compression CODEC to produce archive of minimal size.”

In searching out recording tools to integrate into its solution, SkySoft-ATM specialists discovered Epiphan frame grabbers online. “We knew that they would be the right fit from the beginning,” Levacher recalls. “We use Epiphan’s VGA2USB Pro and DVI2USB Duo frame grabbers to record high quality images from ATCO displays in formats which make them accessible on every PC.”

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