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Next-generation Air Traffic Control (ATC) equipment is progressively implemented in the air transport industry as airliners and manufacturers transition to the new systems and technologies. The industry approaches data logging in a new way – with higher standards and increasing efficiency. VGA Recorder Pro from Epiphan finds application in air transport industry as a fast and versatile means of recording multiple images. Due to its high-performance image capturing capabilities it is successfully used in surveillance/air traffic management (CNS/ATM) network, mostly in case of an incident which needs to be investigated or examined closer.

Radar and Screen Recording

VGA Recorder Pro directly connects to the output sources of ATC equipment including radars, navigation aids, radios etc.). It accurately records radar and screen images as well voice conversations. Screen recording allows an operator to mirror information displayed to the controllers and all performed operations. This device provides synchronization of data and, besides, makes possible efficient replay access and control. Featuring all necessary data logging functionalities VGA Recorder Pro is very simple to setup and maintain.

Internal, External and Network Storage It is possible to save all captured data either on an FTP server, external storage device or removable storage media. Captured and recorded video/audio streams can be easily replayed using user-friendly web interface. It allows even a remote user access this data. This solution supports VGA, DVI and analog video formats as well as balanced audio offering best performance in a simple configuration. Upon that, VGA (or DVI), analog and audio signals can be recorded simultaneously. Thus, VGA Recorder Pro is suitable for multiple ATC needs including incident investigations and fast recall. Controllers using recorded data are given best possible information before making their decisions. They can always rely on complete authenticity using this recording solution.