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Connectivity is critical to television. One of the main challenges for content owners and broadcasters is to design and deploy a cost-effective solution for Media networks, especially when there is the requirement to transport video from a large number of locations e.g. Sudios, sports stadiums,concert venues etc.

Techex offers a solution for media networks based on JPEG2000 compression technology. This cost-effective solution provides high video quality, with no introduction of motion artifacts. JPEG2000 delivers very low latency, with a lag of approximately 100 ms for encoding, IP transport and decoding. 2k and 3D with no limitations on what you can use it for. Up to mathmatically lossless.

By enabling broadcasters to choose to deploy IP, the T-VIPS video gateways provide high flexibility, both in terms of bit-rates available and the services that can be transmitted over the network. In addition, IP networks are easy to operate and IP competence is relatively easily available.

The T-VIPS Connect management application is ideal for configuration for media networks. This application makes it much easier to set up and tear down links in addition to the supervision of both connections and equipment.

Operators building media networks know that even if today’s requirement is mostly for SD contribution, tomorrow’s is certain to include a great deal of HD contribution. T-VIPS offers a smooth upgrade path from SD -> HD -> 3D without the need for any hardware modification.