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Post production companies can improve customer experience, reduce clients travel cost and get accounts outside their primary catchment. Video quality achievable over IP networks is now the same as over private fibre or coaxial wiring.

Techex offers a solution for remote viewing based on both JPEG2000 and MPEG 4 (H264) compression technology. These cost-effective solution provides high video quality. JPEG2000 and H264 delivers very low latency, with a lag of less than 100 ms for encoding, IP transport and decoding.

By enabling broadcasters to deploy IP, clients can remain at their offices. In addition, IP networks are easy to operate and IP competence is relatively easily available.

By provisioning 2 way audio and the high quality video, full interaction with your expert staff editors, colourist or graphics designers is possible.

Increase your client base world wide and let them stay within the comfort of their own offices.

For non picture critical applications delivery is possible to Ipads, Android smart phones as well as PCs and MACs.