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Purchasing from Techex

We understand that efficient supply chain management is key to the effective supply of products and solutions and that, even for highly customised solutions and integration services, it is still necessary to procure through approved routes.

Techex has pre-existing relationships with multiple procurement services, covering both private and public sector. We partner with, amongst others, SCMS Alito, Ariba, BravoSolution and CompeteFor. Our procurement memberships enable both new and existing customers to easily place orders without the need for complex and lengthy supplier account creation. We also have the flexibility to add other purchasing and supply chain management solutions to our portfolio to ensure a smooth procurement process.

If you would like to discuss procurement options in more detail, please get in touch with our fulfilment team on +44 (0)1628 947 727.



Brexit - how does it affect EU customers purchasing from Techex

Due to recent changes in the UK & EU’s trade agreements, customers in the EU will no longer be charged VAT on their purchases from Techex.

Please note, your order will be shipped on a DAP (Delivered at Place) service and you will be required to pay import duties and taxes on your purchase when it arrives in the destination country. Our courier will contact you in advance of delivering the goods to collect this payment.

Unfortunately, we have no control over these charges and cannot tell you exactly what the cost might be, as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country.
We would be happy to discuss the potential areas of charges with you based on our previous experience, and it might be a good idea to contact your local customs office for current charges before you order, so you are not surprised by charges you were not expecting.

The customer must take full liability for any parcels returned to us due to unpaid import charges. Postal charges, return shipment costs, customs charges, import taxes, import duties and handling fees will be charged back to the customer

We are also able to ship on a FCA (Free Carrier) Incoterms 2020 should you wish to use your own carrier service to collect from our Bracknell head office. Please let us know if this is preferable.

What information will I need to provide?
  • EU EORI number (an EU EORI number is valid in all other EU member states)
  • Contact details for parcel tracking purposes
  • Contact details for payment of import duties and taxes

Note: you will also need to be VAT registered to claim back VAT.

How will I know when I need to pay import duties and taxes?

Our courier will contact the name that you provided when the order was placed. Goods will not be released until the charges are settled. There are various methods of payment for these charges
It’s vital this contact has the authority to make this payment to prevent delays and risk the parcel being returned. Please let us know if you are having problems making this payment.

Can’t you be responsible for import taxes and duties?

No, Techex is not VAT registered in the EU and therefore cannot be the importer of record and liable for local VAT.

How much will the charges be?

This varies according to the receiving country’s import tax percentage and the tariff code of the products. It is based on the value of the commercial invoice and any applicable trade relationships. Please refer to your local customs website.

We don’t want to pay on a credit card, is there another way to pay?

It may be possible to set up a deferment account in the receiving country, so any taxes and duties can be added to this account and settled on a VAT (or equivalent) return. Ask your finance team to investigate this possibility.