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TRAX - Network Video Recorder
TRAX - Network Video Recorder
TRAX provides a robust Linux based network video recording platform that allows native transport stream export from an ongoing recordings timeline.






  • Native MPEG-TS recording and export without transcoding
  • Export from ongoing recording
  • Thumbnails generated for ongoing recordings
  • Optional integration with Techex middleware
  • Supports VBR and CBR MPEG-TS
  • Multiple simultaneous users
  • Web based GUI
  • API
  • Multiple simultaneous MPEG-TS recordings
  • Time and date stamped recordings

TRAX was built from the ground up to provide a robust recording platform to address requirements from military and sporting organisations to review segments from ongoing recording sessions.

TRAX captures and records any IP encapsulated UDP or RTP unicast or multicast MPEG transport stream.

TRAX allows for multiple concurrent operators to create and manage recordings from a shared user interface.

AD Hoc recording: Source streams can be quickly defined by their multicast IP address & port .

TRAX optionally integrates with the Techex Middleware platform to populate available channel lists, supports a local channel database or can be used on an Ad Hoc basis.

The timeline offers thumbnails for in and out point positions.

The full recording or a segment from the timeline can be exported from ongoing or completed recordings.

Commonly used source addresses can be added and defined locally to be accessed from the drop down menu.

All recordings can be removed from TRAX from the web interface.

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