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As the current situation brought about by the pandemic prevails, broadcasters have sought ways of allowing contributors to work from their homes while maintaining the best possible production standards.

In some cases a camera and simple throwdown encoder from Matrox or Videon with an SRT output, which will enable one or more low-latency feeds to the studio via a broadband connection, is sufficient for ad hoc commentary.

However, not every case is this simple and where more complex interaction is required, contributors may need monitoring feeds, return vision feeds and teleprompter feeds.
This need may be fulfilled with the addition of Techex MWCore and MWEdge.

Utilising SRT for robust video connections over the Internet, feeds from the studio may be sent back to reporter's home and displayed on TV screens using low cost SRT enabled set top boxes or software players on PC/MAC or IOS devices. An iPad makes an excellent teleprompter!

Many broadcasters have utilised this approach with small fly-away packs that require little technical knowledge on the part of the contributor to set up. The studio is in control of the encoders and reverse feeds and the contributor is able to present a professional programme segment from home with ease.