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Techex offers solutions for the bridging of unmanaged WANs where multicast and even QOS are not available.

Our solutions are based on a dedicated hardware platform specifically designed to sustain high bandwidth real-time video throughput 24x7 rather than using general purpose server hardware.

Our solutions are able to add FEC (Forward Error Correction) or packet re-request technologies in order to allow recovery from packet loss or jitter.

Our solutions bridge local area networks by repackaging selected multicast traffic on an enterprise network as unicast and sending across WAN connections to one or more destinations. As a unicast MPEG transport stream, it can be encrypted through existing encryption systems or be transmitted over a VPN to ensure security of sensitive or proprietary video and data. The unicast can be played back at its destination or repackaged as multicast and played back by PC players and IP set-top boxes.

The solution can also be used to duplicate a single video stream to multiple unicast destinations, to enable private sessions or secure content to be shared with entities around the world.

Our solutions use industry standard MPEG protocols that support playback on all MPEG-compliant devices. It is fully interoperable with third-party MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 H.264 standard definition and high definition IPTV encoders.

In military environments our solutions are able perform the multicast to unicast and unicast to multicast conversion without affecting geo-location, telemetry Cursor–On-Target and Key Length Value metadata.


  • Bridging LAN sites over non-multicast WAN connections Distribution of multicast streams to multiple unicast recipients
  • Disseminating Full Motion Video content with metadata to remote users
  • Conversion of incoming unicast sources to multicast for efficient distribution to LAN users
  • Bridging physical networks using reflection between two distinct network adapters