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Modular IRD Chassis CRD 4900
Modular IRD Chassis CRD 4900
Modular chassis for Sencore’s range of professional receiver-decoder cards.


CRD 4900


Sencore Download Datasheet_SEN_CRD4900_EN_v2_2019.02.21.pdf


  • 10-Slot Chassis
  • any combination of up to 10 Sencore AG receiver-decoder cards in this high-density 2RU frame
  • Hot-Swappable Cards
  • Redundant, Hot-Swappable Power Supplies
  • Internal 1Gbps MPEG-IP network switch for distributing MPEG-IP traffic to/from the cards separately from the management network
  • Web-Based Management and Control
  • Single MPEG-IP network port on the back of the chassis provides access to all cards which greatly simplifies external cabling and port needs
The CRD 4900 is a new, modular chassis for Sencore’s line of professional AG receiver-decoder cards. This 2RU chassis provides space for 10 hot-swappable cards while also offering redundant, hot-swappable power supplies.

With separate, internal 1Gbps network switch capabilities for both management and MPEGIP, the CRD 4900 simplifies installation by reducing the need for external cabling and external IP switch ports. The internal genlock reference distribution also allows full genlock synchronization to all cards in the chassis.

The Sencore card-based series of receiver decoders coupled with the new CRD 4900 chassis provides one of the most dense and simple options available for customers looking to do dense decoding or turn-around of streams.

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