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Modular Receiver MRD 2600
Modular Receiver MRD 2600
The MRD 2600 is a cost-effective digital turnaround modular receiver.


MRD 2600


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  • Built-in ASI I/O
  • Available IP, and RF satellite I/O modules
  • DVB-T/T2/C/C2/ISDB-T receiver
  • TurboPSK Interface with Full Mode Support
  • IP Interface with Redundant Receive Paths
  • Dual, Mirrored TS over IP Transmission
  • Two DVB-CI Interfaces Supporting Up to 100Mbps
  • Flexible per-PID/Service Configuration
  • Built-in BISS Mode 1, Mode E, and Multi-key
  • Up to 12 Independant BISS Keys Supported
  • Full control, status, and alarm monitoring via SNMP
  • Easy-to-use web interface
The MRD 2600 receiver shares the professional-grade front-end collection from Sencore’s decoder family, but removes the baseband video and audio components.

This makes it a cost-effective solution for single-transponder, multi-service descrambling or single channel digital turnaround applications.

With available satellite, terrestrial (8VSB, QAM-B, DVB-T/T2/C/C2/ISDB-T), ASI, and IP input modules, in conjunction with dual- CAM DVB-CI and BISS descrambling, the MRD 2600 is ideally suited for transport stream input/ output.

The product is perfect to feed internal IP distribution or transcode infrastructure which is missing RF interfaces.

The MRD 2600 provides a wide range of control options, including full configuration and status through the front panel and a clean, easy-to-use web GUI. It also features a full SNMP interface, including configurable traps on alarms for easy integration into an external control system.

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