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Receiver Decoder MRD 4400
Receiver Decoder MRD 4400
Professional integrated receiver/decoders for distribution and monitoring applications.


MRD 4400


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  • Up to 4 services of audio decoding or SDI pass-through
  • Dual SDI auto-switching outputs
  • Built-in ASI I/O for maximum value and flexibility
  • Available IP, and RF satellite inputs
  • Full complement of ancillary data output in ANC and VBI
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Full control, status, and alarm monitoring via SNMP

The MRD 4400 Receiver Decoder is a professional integrated receiver/decoders for distribution and monitoring applications. Latest-generation components ensure that the 4400 provides the most complete feature set and the best value for a broad range of common receiver/decoder applications. The product supports decoding of SD or HD video, encoded as either MPEG-2 or H.264, as well as up to four audio services.

The additional audio handling capability makes the MRD 4400 the perfect solution for video distributors looking to meet upcoming descriptive video requirements, while continuing to support surround, stereo, and SAP services. The product also supports professional-grade downscaling at no additional charge for providers continuing to support legacy equipment or SD tiers. As customer demands evolve, units purchased for SD applications can be upgraded to HD output via a simple software license.

With built-in ASI input/output capability, as well as optional satellite and IP interfaces, the 4400 is adaptable to most decoder use cases.

Available Decoder Modules:

  • MRD 44041 ASI I/O, SDI and Analog Outputs, Discrete Audio, Genlock Support
  • MRD 44040 ASI I/O, SDI and Analog Outputs, Discrete Audio
  • MRD 44001 ASI I/O, SDI Outputs, and Genlock Support
  • MRD 44000 ASI I/O and SDI Outputs
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