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Signal Collection Platform SCP 2100
Signal Collection Platform SCP 2100
The Sencore SCP 2100 is a compact solution for acquiring & back-hauling video signals over the internet


SCP 2100


Sencore Download Datasheet_SEN_SCP2100_EN_v3_2020.3.31.pdf


  • Video transcoding or rate-shaping of 8VSB/QAM-B, ASI and MPEG/IP inputs to H.264
  • Encoding of SD-SDI, HD-SDI and HDMI inputs
  • Support for 8VSB, ASI, QAM-B, SDI, HDMI, SRT, Zixi, RIST and MPEG/IP
  • PID-filter or service filter SPTS or MPTS inputs
  • Small form factor - 1/3rd RU wide and 1RU high
  • Simple and intuitive webUI for configuration and monitoring
The Sencore SCP 2100 is a cost-effective and easy to deploy unit for acquiring and back-hauling nearly any video signals across the internet.

Utilizing the power and exceptional video quality of ASIC-based encoding and transcoding, paired with today’s latest internet delivery protocols; the SCP 2100 makes it effortless to acquire feeds that may have previously been too costly or difficult.

Whether it’s off-air broadcast feeds, sporting events, public service addresses or anything else you can think of, it’s now as easy as the SCP 2100 and an internet connection.

The product appliactions include local off-air signal collection, content acquisition over the internet, distribution encoding & transcoding.

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