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The back end infrastructure of a broadcast facility ideally is completely hidden from the technical and programme operational teams. SDI infrastructures with directly connected equipment and centralised routers are hidden behind broadcast control systems. IP Video infrastructure should also work be invisible to the users.
In an SMPTE-2110 infrastructure the Broadcast Control focuses on the operator workflows for live production
whilst SDN Orchestration provides the end-to-end resource reservation and connectivity, Media Function Control by configuration of media endpoints (using NMOS) and SDN Control providing secure and deterministic routing across the IP fabric.
SDN control
will provide protection by avoiding over-subscription
and bandwidth management
with deterministic routing and quality of service
with the security of flow based access control and policing
along with fast and clean switching (MBB/BBM)
For larger campus and multisite facilities, SDN orchestration can provide seamless SMPTE LAN/WAN convergence.
With an SDN controlled infrastructure the overall control of the infrastructure is divided into manageable layers
, leverage the flexibility of IP in a secure and deterministic way with
ability to reuse existing broadcast control systems
providing scalability to support future growth.