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CP330 - T2 Bridge
CP330 - T2 Bridge
The CP330’s T-Bridge and T2-Bridge modes provide regional adaptation for DVB-T and DVB-T2 transmitters. Deterministic remultiplexing technology enables transmitters in multiple SFN regions to be fed with the same Transport Streams (TS) as used in a pre-existing Direct to Home (DTH) satellite systems.




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  • Deterministic remultiplexing based on TMP packets
  • Deterministic PCR restamping
  • PID filtering and remapping
  • Local content insertion by PLP Replacement
  • Transport Stream Monitoring
  • Input redundancy switching
  • Flexible Transport Stream interfacing
  • Compact, cost-effective solution, with 2 units in 1RU

Regional adaptation in DTT networks is a key differentiator for network operators wishing to provide their viewers with competitive TV services. The CP330 T2 Bridge offers operators great flexibility both in how they design their distribution networks and how they insert regional and local content. The T2-Bridge enables the distribution of signals to digital terrestrial transmitters using satellite or hybrid infrastructures (satellite, fiber and microwave).

With the CP330, it is now possible to reuse a Direct To Home (DTH) satellite signal to directly feed terrestrial transmitters. By utilising the DTH satellite and the advanced deterministic multiplexing techniques of the CP330, terrestrial operators now have a highly cost-effective distribution solution that is SFN compliant.

The CP330 offers different modes for maximum flexibility. In addition to the Deterministic Remultiplexing mode, the CP330 supports Multiple Physical Layer Pipes (MPLP), enabling adaptation through PLP replacement in the region - an alternative approach for complying with SFN requirements. With its smart PSI/SI processing the CP330 ensures the delivery of a correct and complete EPG combining both national and local channel information.

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