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TNS541 - Seamless Monitoring Switch
TNS541 - Seamless Monitoring Switch
The TNS541 (previously named CP541) provides seamless 1+1 redundancy switch-over between two DVB ASI or SMPTE 310 MPEG transport streams based on fully customisable switching criteria.




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  • Intelligent seamless switch-over between two input signals
  • Dual power supply
  • Transport Stream monitoring and error detection
  • Compact and cost-effective solution
  • User-friendly configuration and control

For intelligent 1+1 redundancy switch-over between two MPEG-2 transport streams. With dual power supply and seamless switching the TNS541 improves the reliability and robustness of your system. Our seamless switch solution continuously monitors both incoming MPEG-2 transport streams for status and switches over automatically if required, based upon customer configurable criteria.

Added robustness with dual power supply and seamless switch-over with no interruption to the transport stream.

The TNS541 (previously named CP541) is also capable of performing synchronised and seamless switch-over between two different SFN streams or T2MI streams in such a way that modulators will not lose sync.

Use of TNS541 provides more reliable and robust systems as the actual signals are monitored and not only the hardware equipment health status. The product monitors both incoming MPEG transport streams for health status and switch-over is based on configurable switching criteria.

The TNS541 takes in two ASI inputs from different paths and buffers them such as to align and seamlessly switch between them. The sources must originate from the same encoder

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