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TNS546 - TS Monitor
TNS546 - TS Monitor
The TNS546 provides monitoring of streams, services, PIDS and PSI/SI/PSIP tables on up to 8 DVB-ASI/SMPTE-310 transport streams and up to 16 IP transport streams.




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  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of up to 24 streams
  • TS, service and PID analysis
  • PSI/SI (DVB) and PSIP (ATSC) table decoding
  • PCR analysis
  • Bit rate alarms
  • 2 x ASI output test ports (loop any ASI or IP input TS)
  • Service streaming to PC for viewing

A tool for continuous monitoring of transport streams, enabling fast fault-detection and diagnostics.Typical applications include: central head-end monitoring for satellite, cable, terrestrial, IPTV and contribution head-ends, remote monitoring of signals, and monitoring of signals in the transmission chain with 24/7 continuous supervision of signals.

The TNS546 is part of the T-VIPS’ nSure product line, designed for delivery of high-quality video content.

Monitoring includes error detection, PSIP monitoring, bit-rate alarms, PID and PCR analysis. The TNS546 can be used for SLA monitoring against set parameters, with alarms recorded against a continuous log. As well as access via an easy to use web interface, the device can be integrated with T-VIPS Connect and Data Miner, and other NMS systems via SNMP.

The TNS546 provides real-time simultaneous monitoring of up to 8 DVB-ASI/SMTPE-310 transport streams and up to 16 IP/Ethernet transport streams, subject to maximum bit rate constraints. Two units can be placed side-by-side to provide monitoring of up to 16 DVB transport streams in 1U.

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