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TVG480 - Digital Cinema Gateway
TVG480 - Digital Cinema Gateway
The TVG480 uses JPEG2000 wavelet compression for the cost-effective transmission or reception of 1 3G HD channel, 3D Left and Right Eye channels or 2 HD-SDI channels.




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  • High quality JPEG2000 video
  • Multiple compressed video channels
  • Robust transmission of HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and stereoscopic 3D Left/Right vdeo signals
  • Very Low Delay
  • MXF encapsulation
  • Ancillary data support
  • Compact, flexible cost-effective solution
  • User-friendly configuration and control
  • High quality JPEG2000 video
  • High quality JPEG2000 video
  • High quality JPEG2000 video

The TVG480 represents the latest innovation for real-time transport of HD, Stereoscopic 3D and Digital Cinema Video over IP networks. The TVG480 takes advantage of the unmatched quality of JPEG2000 compression for high-quality low-delay video transmission over IP. Supported video signals include HD television, Stereoscopic 3D Left and Right video, or 2K video signals used in digital cinema production. For HD, both lossless and visually lossless operation is supported.

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