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With SMPTE-2110 infrastructures, comes the advantage of moving away from hardware orientated platforms and using software based platforms on Consumer Off The Shelf hardware.

The TAG production multiviewer is one such solution, where multiple SMPTE-2110-20 video, -30 audio as well as -40 ancillary data streams can be received by a software based solution to provide low latency mosaic over SMPTE-2110 as well as H.264 and HLS streams.

Real time tallies and Under Monitor Display can also be provided to the multiviewer using TSL protocol over IP or by using a control platform into the RESTful API.

The TAG multiviewer can provide real time IP network and packet, and content analysis and fault detection which is available via the RESTful API and the user interface, as well as on screen alarms.

The advantages of using a software solution for the multiviewer processor means that systems becomes are scalable with upgrading to the latest features and possible capacity improvements are much easier.

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