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MBC-7000 IP based Mosaics
MBC-7000 IP based Mosaics
The MBC-7000 is an IP based mosaic / multiviewer. The MBC-7000 joins existing HD and SD multicasts and outputs an HD SPTS mosaic multicast.




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  • Mosaic as an HD service over IP (UDP SPTS)
  • Supports MPEG-2, H.264 both SD and HD sources
  • Playback with standard off the shelf IP set-top box
  • Flexible output stream bitrate, down to 1Mbps for monitoring over the Internet
  • Dynamic layout cycling
  • User configurable layouts, with user defined background
  • Supports audio remuxing of any audio format
  • Round robin, seamless layout changes

The system encodes the mosaic over H.264 HD SPTS - enabling the display by IP set-top boxes both locally and at remote sites.

It is supplied as a small bootable USB key which runs software to interface directly to Intel CPUs – thus rendering high performance beyond what is achievable in a standard OS environment.

The inputs on the screenshot are a mix of SPTS and transmission muxes with individual services picked out. It is possible to configure multiple simultaneous output layouts, or cycle between different layouts. The multiple layouts are encoded in parallel such that the transition between layouts is seamless.

The output can includes remuxing of multiple audio PIDs to allow the user to listed to the audio of individual services within the multiview.

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