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MCL-9200 SMPTE 2110 & 2022-6 Multiviewer
MCL-9200 SMPTE 2110 & 2022-6 Multiviewer
The MCL-9200 is a unique software based solution to monitor and multiview SMPTE 2022-6/-7 SDI over IP signals.






  • Supports SMPTE 2022-6, 2022-7, MPEG-2, H.264 and HEVC
  • 2022-6/-7 and H.264 mosaic output
  • Advanced error detection
  • Parallel, real time analysis of all channels
  • Fully configurable overlay display of events messages on the mosaic

The MCL-9200 is a part of the MCM-9000 platform and allows for seamless incorporation of SMPTE 2022-6/-7 monitoring with other video formats, to create Multiviewer displays as well as fault detection and alarming. The MCL-9200 has extremely low latency, which makes it perfect tool for production, post production, and broadcast Multiviewing applications.

When monitoring and outputting two mosaics both as 2022-6/-7 and H.264 on current generation server hardware the MCL-9200 supports up to 32 2022-6 inputs with 2022-7 (effectively 64 SDI input flows).

TAG’s products are based on a unique combination of COTS (commercial off the shelf) Intel based server hardware and exceptionally low level highly optimised software.

They come together to leverage the flexibility, value and innovation release schedule of COTS to achieve unparalleled throughput and efficiency with stability and deterministic behaviour at capacity only otherwise seen on ASIC and FPGA based hardware.

The solution’s unique architecture utilise up to 100Gbps (dual 100Gbps when receiving 2022-7) network interfaces that enables high density reception of uncompressed services, providing increased value in services per physical interface and reducing the number of physical interfaces required per physical server and between server and switching infrastructure.

Licensing is purchased on a per channel basis. If further services require monitoring, they can be added in increments of one. TAG software is able to run on one, or across a cluster or stack to provide the required scale of stream monitoring and mosaic creation. Each server unit is directly accessible and administrable via its web interface or API. Additionally, all instances of TAG V.S software can run as a stack. This allows system control, mosaic creation and resource management of all servers to occur from any of the available TAG V.S nodes.

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